How to migrate Magento enterprise customer balance to Magento community store credit extension?

December 16, 2019 in Magento

How to migrate Magento enterprise customer balance to Magento community store credit extension?
Store Credit is a great feature goes with Magento Enterprise Edition. It helps store owner to engage with their customers, adds a flexible payment method, supports them interact with their friends, enables a good way to resolve refund and keeps them happy with some credit bonus for next shopping. Business owners run their eCommerce website on Magento Enterprise edition took a lot of benefits from this built in extension. Some months ago, I had a chance to work on an interesting Magento project to migrate their system from Magento Enterprise to Magento Community for saving around $18K per year of Magento EE license fee. Of course, they wanted to keep all available features including customer balance (Name of store credit module on Magento Enterprise) There are a lot Magento community extensions provider those provide similar store credit features, I may list some of them here in case you need one for your own store. Because my client used some extensions from Amasty already, by keeping the system compatible, we decided to migrate Enterprise Customer Balance to Amasty Store Credit. I will not describe detail features of this products, you can refer by the link that I updated above. For migrating successfully, you should do these simple steps
  • Disable Enterprise Customer Balance
  • Install Amasty Store Credit
  • Run these below queries
    Currently, my client is happily running on Magento Community without any complaint from customers for store credit issue. I really hope that my post can save you guys some days of migrating customer store credit data from Magento Enterprise to Magento Community.

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